Jean Thompson, CEO and Owner, Seattle Chocolate Company

"Nancy Juetten is an amazing publicist. She has gotten our name and story out to so many editors and has successfully landed our story in national publications such as O Magazine, Success Magazine and More Magazine as well as local television, such as Evening Magazine on KING 5 TV.

She has an uncanny ability to assimilate information and come up with the compelling nugget that appeals to the press. She's smart, insightful and incredibly hard working. We're thrilled to have her as a critical part of our team.”

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Alice Cunningham, CEO, Olympic Hot Tub Company

"How do I describe Nancy Juetten?

She's got energy, spirit, creativity, media savvy and more sheer perseverance than anyone I've ever met.

When Nancy believes in you, you've got a powerful ally. Under her guidance, Olympic Hot Tub Company has had more great press in 2006 than in the past five years.

I've been amazed by the response of our customers new and old. Our credibility has been further cemented by all of the great press.

And, our employees feel proud to work for a company that has attracted so much attention.

What's the added benefit of all of the media coverage that Nancy has been able to get for us? Other reporters have seen it and called me directly. In other words, the more you get, the more you get. If you want to shine a searchlight on your business and get results you never expected, call Nancy today!"

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Since 2001., I've been proud to broadcast the brilliance for leading companies from the Puget Sound region..  Here are just a few of them by name:

>> Fran's chocolates
>> karan dannenberg clothier
>> Olympic hot tub company
>> the staubach Company
>> Seattle chocolate company
>> Seattle design center

i work virtually with clients, vendors, and the media to make the magic happen.

My commitment to client' success fuels my own.
It's just that simple.

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