Celebrating 21 years guiding clients to get seen, heard & celebrated for their winning ways


My business started in February of 2001 when my son was just a toddler.  My first goal was to earn enough money to buy better groceries.

Soon, I found myself working as an in-demand publicist for big corporate clients with great stories to tell.

I was too busy to cook!

In the aftermath of the Great Recession of 2008, I revised direction to put my own expertise in the spotlight as a Get Known Get Paid Mentor. I wrote and contributed to 3 books to establish and build my expertise, authority, and credibility.

The Bye-Bye Boring Bio Workbook put my bio writing expertise in the spotlight and helped lay the foundation for a multiple six-figure business serving experts, speakers and authors around the world.

Today as the world recovers from the COVID 19 Pandemic, I've returned to my DONE FOR YOU roots to focus on a very specific aspect of publicity -- podcast booking services.

This is after booking myself on 48 podcasts starting in March of 2020 to February 2021 to welcome the results I am excited for you to welcome -- leads, new conversations, new collaborations, new clients, and a revenue rush in your shopping cart!

Now that I've got my systems dialed in, my new clients can benefit from consistent actions and results that make their stars shine brighter every time they take the microphone -- without leaving their homes or offices.

Clients work with me for six months at a time as they share their message on 20 or more of the right shows and get people talking and taking action to their lasting business advantage.

If you're excited to go ALL IN on this powerful visibility strategy and want a pitching queen on your success team to book you on the right shows, let's talk!

425 641 5214 or email [email protected]

Broadcast Your Brilliance

Mailing Address:

1050 Larrabee Avenue, #104, PMB 436
Bellingham, WA, 98229, US

Since 2001., I've been proud to broadcast the brilliance for leading companies from the Puget Sound region..  Here are just a few of them by name:

>> Fran's chocolates
>> karan dannenberg clothier
>> Olympic hot tub company
>> the staubach Company
>> Seattle chocolate company
>> Seattle design center

i work virtually with clients, vendors, and the media to make the magic happen.

My commitment to client' success fuels my own.
It's just that simple.

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